WOWED In Arizona

Posted by ~ Presently a.k.a. Patrice DeHaven on 26th Aug 2018

Wowed In Arizona

The National Gift Basket Convention was held in Arizona.

It was H O T, 104 at 10p.m.     


Fellow basket cases attended from all over the states and even Canada, Ghana & Australia too.  It's an invigorating time. From getting an insight on the upcoming holiday trends to tasting new products to fill our shelves with a festival of flavors. 

This year they went above and beyond and made each and every attendee feel special.  They did this with personalization.  I know everyone felt welcomed and special, but I really did. I never see my name on anything!

welcome-patrice.jpg    This was filled with new food vendor samples 

In business we want to set ourselves apart from our competition.  Of course great customer service is a must, but that just isn't enough anymore.  Some industries, like Real Estate, are saturated with everyone that does what you do.  Going above and beyond and staying Top of Mind is the answer.  And how do you stay Top of Mind you ask? You've heard that word branding, well that's it and being consistent.


They even had things personalized with our business name. That's right, if you're going to brand something, use their business name, not yours! Believe me they will remember you!

There was so much more from chocolate business cards to custom phone wallets. 

So I ask you, How are you going to stand out from the crowd?  It's the little things.

What holidays gifts will you be sending this year? 

Would love to help you get carried away with your holiday gifts.

Creatively yours,

presently.jpg~ Presently, a.k.a. Patrice