To Cool For School

Posted by ~Patrice DeHaven on 24th Aug 2017


It's that time of year again... #backtoschool.  Our summers have just flown by.  Hopefully everyone had time to get some good quality family time a beach!Time to regroup and get into the organized mode and get systems into place.

I always looked forward to the shopping.  Ahhh, new school supplies.  Call me crazy, but to this day I love the smell of #Crayolacrayons :)  And then there are new school clothes, Hmmm what to wear on that first day!  Getting to pick my snacks for lunches was always a treat too.

Being in the 'mom mode', there's so many other things to think about and getting systems into place.  Ideas for the never ending 'dinner dilemmas'. Packing lunches the night before.  I love how they have individual serving containers of hummus,  ranch dressing, caramel, & Nuttella ... perfect to dip those carrots, celery, and apples in to. 

Kids off to #college or #boardingschool, well let them feel your love and let them know 'there's no place like home' with a care package. This program is one of #CarriedAwayGifts favorites.  Whether you choose to send just one to welcome them #backtoschool, their birthday, or choose to send one monthly, they just LOVE receiving them.  A lot of the schools provide these programs internally, but it's wonderful getting the feedback that 'it's so great not getting what everyone else does'.  Complete our form and get started TODAY!


A Welcome to the new #teacher is always a good way to start the year. And don't forget those  #schoolbusdrivers :)



'Presently' wishes ALL a great start to the new school year!

~'Presently' off to get ready to ship those college care packages.