There's No Time Like The Present

Posted by ~Presently a.ka. ~ Patrice DeHaven on 3rd Nov 2018



        The holidays are approaching  and what do you get your parents or grandparents as gifts?

                They probably don't need a thing, except making things a little easier for them. 


My dad just moved in with us a few months ago and from another state. He loves the newspaper & magazines.  

He looks at every piece of junk mail that arrives and also picks up all the free flyers and magazines walking out of every store.  I've become an even bigger recycler of paper LOL.  For the holidays, with this in mind, we are going to also have the newspaper from his hometown sent to him as a gift.  


 Since he likes magazines, a few subscriptions will make the perfect gift.

REAL SIMPLE, which I already subscribe to, is the most popular magazine ordered on Amazon, it's a great magazine. They also have Reader's Digest in large print. 


  •  Perhaps a Keurig coffee pot would make things easy for them...less spills, easy cleanup. They even have soups for them now, how cool is that!                                                                                                   
  • Do they play cards? An automatic card shuffler would help for their arthritic hands, plus it's fun to use. Our family plays pinochle and our parents gave each of us one and we love it. A few new decks of cards and your set. Amazon even sells these.                 
  • Perhaps automatic monthly subscriptions. Cheryls cookies are wonderful.  Or Graze , healthy snacks and you get the 1st box FREE! 
  • It's not about things, it's about experiences. Gift certificates/cards for beauty parlor/barber shop, their favorite restaurants, cleaning service, lawn service, Uber...yes they even sell these on Amazon.
  • I have a client that is the only son, lives out of state and he has me send a monthly custom gift basket to his mom. He has given me a budget, told me all her favorites things and I take it from there. We ship nationwide. Every month is different. Such a thoughtful son.  Interested in something similar, contact us 
  • The holiday season isn't always one that's filled with joy and excitement. For many adult children living away from parents, it can be worrisome at the thought of who and what will greet them. Coming home for the holidays can be the initiator of bigger conversations around home support, finances, or a potential move.
    Adult children can preemptively combat this stress by preparing a list of items to check up on during their home visit, even if it’s just for a few days. Going in with a plan does a couple things: First, it arms the individual with a sense of control and confidence. This way, they are less likely to be blindsided, and parents are less likely to be alarmed or upset by their child's shock at the state of things. Second, it gives the concerned child the foresight to take advantage of time together to
    introduce the idea of downsizing or moving to assisted living if they think it may be necessary. Be sure to check on  home maintenance issues, finances, health & medications. 
  • The best gift of all is YOU. They love spending time with you. A lot of our seniors are not tech savvy so pick up the phone, go over for a visit. A visit usually doesn't have to to be planed, after all, they have nothing but time. It doesn't have to involve your whole family, it's OK to go by yourself. 
  • Linda Black with LifeMark Securites has a wonderful resource page on her website. We all should take a look at that. But one thing in particular is The Legacy Box.  I attended a seminar of hers and she focused on The Legacy Box.  It was wonderful and her suggestions to video and record the answers was a great suggestion. Leaving a legacy for generations to come. 
  • IF your parents or grandparents have caregivers, remember them. You wouldn't know what to do without them. A lot of the suggestions above would also work for them. Starbucks gift cards, movie tickets, a massage at a local spa. Make them feel special and appreciated, I know you will. 
  • presently.jpgCreatively yours, ~ Presently