Our Five Senses

Posted by Presently aka. Patrice DeHaven on 10th Feb 2019


Our Five Senses ...

See  Hear  Smell  Touch  Taste, did you ever consider any of these when you are marketing?

If not, you should.  It's about creating that emotion that makes them think and connect with you. 

The more senses you can touch with one gift the better.  It's not as easy as you think.  Especially touching all 5 senses at the same time.

The senses can be ranked in order from most to least powerful and relevant

#1 SIGHT, most powerful





I have always said 'Presentation is Everything' so I'm glad to see SIGHT is #1 in our senses and the most powerful.  Never have the mindset, 'it's good enough'.  Remember in marketing, everything you do is a reflection of you, so make every effort a good one! 

What product do you think touches all 5 senses at the same time?  

Here's 1...microwave popcorn.  Yes, as simple as this is, it's a great marketing tool

You see it, hear it, touch it, smell it popping and at last taste those wonderful popped buttery kernels...yum!

Remember, presentation is everything and a reflection of YOU. With that being said you would not want to use a store brand popcorn, not that anything is wrong with it or it doesn't taste good, but using a well known brand like Orville Redenbacher is a better choice. Here at CarriedAwayGifts, we take it one step further and have their logo added to the packaging, adding to their brand.     

 We offer to add logos and messages to popcorn        

This is just one of the many products we can customize for you.  Contact us if you're interested in something similar.  It's OUR job to make YOU look good!  These make the perfect pop-by or the little something to keep your name top of mind with your clients.

Valentine's Day is just not for your sweetie.  It's the perfect time to let your clients know that you LOVE working with them!  

Off to touch on those senses!

Creatively yours, ~ Presently