My little Chick-a-dee

Posted by Presently a.k.a Patrice DeHaven on 8th Apr 2019

April is here! It makes me think of new birth, spring has sprung, crocuses, daffodils, cherry blossoms. I love that I have these in my yard.

We spring forward so we have longer days.  Baseball season starts.  April showers brings May flowers.  And then there are Easter baskets.  Here at CARRIED AWAY Gifts I love to think outside of the basket and be creative with alternatives.   


I'm actually excited for the rain...I got a new umbrella!  It stands up by itself, it's over sized, it opens inside out so you don't get dripped on, and it's PURPLE!  I have sunshine on a rainy day!  


Easter makes me think of my mom and nana in my younger years.  Them in the kitchen and all those wonderful smells.  My new Easter  bonnet with all the frills upon it.  I so looked forward to my very own pecan egg, I always saved that for last.  And an abundance of egg salad.

One year our classroom raised baby chicks with the incubator and all. Now that was a science lesson for sure.  What came fist, the chicken or the egg? We each picked one egg to watch and once hatched and survived you could take it home.  Mine did, I named her Chick-a dee.  We had a farm a few blocks from us and it was always the intention for Chick-a-dee to go to the farm.  I knew it was approaching that time. One day I came home from school, Chick-a-dee  was gone. The story was they took her to the farm so I wouldn't have to give her they told me.  Well, a year  later I found out the real story.  My mother  thought she would let her have the run of the yard while she hung clothes out to dry, yes they did that back then.  Well Chick-a-dee got under foot and yes, she didn't make it.   I was crushed  as you can imagine.  My moms words were, she made it to the farm, but the one in the sky. It's all in how you look at things. Some how, wording it that way, made it better. She always said, 'just look up, there's always a way'.  I try and remember that and put it to use.

'Just look up, there's always a way'!

Creatively yours,

~ Presently