May Mayhem

Posted by Presently a.k.a Patrice DeHaven on 5th May 2019

May is full of Mayhem

Oh My Goodness! May has so many celebrations. Teacher Appreciation Week, Nurses Week, Small Business Week, Graduations, Mother's Day, Memorial Day and National Military Appreciation Month.

I have friends that are teachers. The ones that teach elementary are always showered with gifts, and some classrooms pitch in and give 1 big gift.The teachers that teach middle and high school...well lets say If their school didn't bring in lunch and donuts, they wouldn't feel the love.  I always sent a little something in for each teacher all the way thru 12th grade. There was no way my daughter was going to give the teacher a gift when no one else was doing it, so she made a request. If it will fit in their mailbox in the office I will do it LOL.  So I needed to be creative and think flat. Not fond of gift cards, but I did occasionally put them in a card. Chocolate bars that said thank you were always a big hit. 

                                          And remember those  bus drivers!


Nurses, what would those Drs do without their nurses.  I hope that they are showing their appreciation in some way.

There will lots of graduations. Everyone seems to celebrate graduation from kindergarten on up.  If a tassel is involved, here's a fun thing to do attached to your gift.


Mother's Day, oh how I miss my momma every day.  The best thing you can do is spend time with her.  That's all she wants.  Have an experience instead of a gift.  My daughter and I have started a little tradition of our own, we go see a movie just her and I. I love it! My mother-in-law loved to go out to eat, she picked the place. We always went the weekend before Mother's Day, the restaurants aren't crazy and never felt the pressure to rush out because someone was waiting for the table. If you don't live close send her and uber gift card to take her to her hair appointment. That's a real treat and you can get those gift cards from Amazon.

It's Small Business Week. Remember to  SHOP LOCAL



Oh My Goodness, summer and vacations are coming!

Creatively yours,