It's A Small World After All

Posted by Patrice DeHaven on 19th Aug 2017

One of my favorite things to do is network.  I'm a people person so I love the connecting aspect and the learning part from meeting new people.

I've had 2 meetings this week at the 'popular' coffee shop.  It was so noisy and crowded that I had a hard time concentrating on who I was meeting with. Then again I'm one of those people ...Squirrel :)  

My favorite place is a new tucked away coffee shop close to me.  I don't even drink coffee LOL, but it's like no other. The people, the atmosphere, the everything just creates the perfect place for 1-1's and #businessplanning.  I've been there 3 times this week and someone has crossed my path each time.

Last week I met someone way across town. I was able to virtually connect her with a possible business partner I recently met at another event. Well guess who was in the shop, yep it was her.  Come to find out her sister works at the coffee shop, she goes there all the time because it's so awesome and just found out she works with a real estate team she is going to connect me with :)

I 'check in' to places on FB when I'm doing business things. So when I did, one of my peeps dropped by, didn't know about this place, loved it and now is shouting their name from the roof tops :)

I 'checked in' today with a little what's happening as I was waiting for my assistant to do some #businessplanning. There were LuLaRu and  Stella & Dot stylists there.   Well one of my FB peeps saw my check in and said go over and say Hi, she knew they were there. So I did, she's a teacher and low and behold she knew my assistant, my daughter and a few of her friends. She's also going to keep me in mind for fundraising for her clubs at school. So happy to have a new peep :) 

Social Media can be a good thing if used in the right way.

You never know ... 6 Degrees of separation ... It's a small world after all!


'Presently' smiling about the week!