Hostess Gifts for the Summer

Posted by Patrice DeHaven on 3rd Jul 2017

Hostess Gifts for the Summer

It's that time of year for grillin' !

We are invited to BBQ's, cookouts, and picnics.

Hostess gifts are always thought about for the holidays, but what about the summer festivities? 

You never want to arrive empty handed.  If they have little ones, bubbles are always a fun thing OR if they have a pool you could take a new toy/float for their collection OR you bake and take OR bring a side dish to share, but you always leave the left overs with the hostess, right?  So why not have your items in a useful bowl or platter that you can leave behind for the hostess OR bring a whole watermelon along with a watermelon knife. 

                     This is my go to and my hostesses just love it :)

          (It comes with a green protective sleeve with cutouts for the seeds, it's so cool!)



Enjoy your friends and families this summer    

presently.jpg~ 'Presently' shopping for watermelon!