Hello Summer!

Posted by Presently a.k.a Patrice DeHaven on 17th Jun 2019

Yeah, Finally!The flowers flowers are blooming the birds birds are chirping and our days are getting longer.

Schools are out, traffic should be lighter, lots of grilling grilling going on, concerts in the park, fun in the sun,  vacations vacations being planned, and an abundance of seafood ... especially those Maryland crabs ... which reminds me to make my yearly date with high school friends to go EAT SOME CRABS! 


Graduations are in abundance on my Facebook feed, how about yours?  Graduation used to mean High School or College, now it seems like there's a celebration for everything from pre-school on up.  The times, they are a changing as Bob Dylan sang.  So with all this in mind, what gift do you give?  If it's money, how much?  Be a little creative, take a look at our Pinterest Pinterest page for ideas, your even find a College Bucket List there.  If it's a high school grad and their going off to college, we offer a College Care Program College Care Program that might interest you.  Every month is different, you can send one time or every month.  If interested send us an email Patrice@carriedawaygifts.com

There are places to go and people to see. Staycation or Vacation, that is the question.  I think we tend to forget what is actually around us to explore. Day trips or I like to call them 'Trips on a Tankful'. Calculate how many miles you get on a tankful and see what direction it takes you in. Sometimes the paths less traveled have the greatest adventures and memories.  We just had a friend drop in for a quick visit.  It was unexpected and lucky he caught us home. He was traveling from SC to VA, and stopped in on everyone he knew along the way. That was special!  What ever you have on your calendar, wishing you safe travels and remember to take the time to smell the roses! 

Go seek out what bolsters your spirits and warms your heart. 

I'm attending a Summer Solstice party, so I'm off to design a Fun in the Sun door prize.

Happy Summer!

Creatively yours,

 ~Presently  presently.jpg