Do you have the Life - Work Balance mastered?

Posted by Presently aka. Patrice DeHaven on 30th Jan 2019



Achieving a work-life balance is something everyone strives for and you're the center of it! So you are in control!

It's time to get off to a new start with every aspect of your life. It's still the new year, it's never to late to start.  

A few business and family life tips that have helped me. Not that I'm perfect, but it has helped.

If you are an entrepreneur as myself, you pretty much have the responsibility to do everything. 

It's all about the little things...

 ~  Visit all your online profiles and freshen them up, pictures, contents etc.  

 ~  Cleanup all those desktop icons.  

 ~  Have a to-do list, it has helped me. It feels great to check things off. If I didn't get to it, it's moved to the next day. A suggestion that if you use a #FranklinPlanner they suggest.  If you prefer to use technology, the #Evernote App is something you might try.  

 ~ College and high school students are always looking for PT work.

 ~ Use your calendar.  Plan Plan Plan!  Block times for certain things.  Book date nights! Time for yourself. Networking events. #Valentine'sDay is approaching, order your gifts now.

 ~ If you have 'people' use them. Delegate, even if it's to your spouse. Your children can help too.  My kids had to be responsible for making and planning dinner 1 night a week since the age of 9.  They also did their own laundry!

 ~ Crock pot meals really help.  I hear the new Instapot and Airfryer are great.

 ~ Ask for help ... YOU GOT THIS!

Checking off my list ... January Blog and now to start my February one. Stay tuned!

Creatively yours,

~ Presently