Awesome August

Posted by ~ Presently a.k.a Patrice DeHaven on 26th Aug 2019

It Has Been An Awesome August

Catching up with moi and Carried Away

~ I attended the yearly National Gift Basket Convention in Arizona.

~ It was great, inspiring, motivational, and now I'm in the Holiday mode.

~ I tasted my way through the trade show and happy to to be carrying some new delicious products. One has to do with grilled cheese and can't wait until it arrives.

~ Personalization is where it's at for the holidays.I came back with great resources and can't wait to share them with you.

~ I decided at the last minute to enter the design competition and won 1st place in the Flat Lay Design.


~ I took a 4 week course and became an expert in Hotel & Hospitality Gifting.

~ I went to MD and enjoyed crabs with friends that I grew up with, 15 showed this year!

A few little tidbits ...

~ August is the only month without a holiday

Yes, You Can Grill That! From grapes to doughnuts! Read more

Did You Know...this month marks 50 years since Woodstock!  Hard to believe, 500,000 Americans gathered on an upstate NY dairy farm for the greatest rock concert ever ♪ ♫  Take  The Woodstock Quiz. 

~ I'm making the centerpieces for the  Sterling Women's Luncheon on September 5th, 2019. Will I see you there?

~ Kids are back to school and off to college. We offer  College Care Packages . Complete form and let them feel the love ♥ from home.

As soon as our products arrive,  we will be having a tasting event so stay tuned! TBA

Make you list and check it's the time!