9/11 God Isn't Finsihed With Me Yet

Posted by Presently A.K.A. Patrice DeHaven on 1st Sep 2017

I think with my generation, there are 2 times that come to mind when people ask do you remember where you were when ... JFK was shot and more recently 9/11.

Do you remember were you where on 9/11? OMG, who doesn't!  Such a tragic event.  It effected so many people in different ways and so many personally.

I always thought someone should write a book of 911 stories, each just 1 page, of people that should have been there and were spared because a change in plans.

One would be my husband Joe.  I'll give you the quick version.  You see, he travels very frequently to LA and always flew on #AmericanAirlines #Flight77 which flew on Tuesdays from Dulles to LAX.  He had his usual flight scheduled on Tuesday 9/11/2001.  He changed his flight to 9/10/2001 to allow time for him to do something for our church in Los Angeles. I called him right away when the news aired.  Him being 3 hrs behind I thought I'd be waking him, but he already knew.  Of course there was no air travel after, so he remained in LA until they opened airports again.  And wouldn't you know, he was on the 1st plane that was allowed in the air traveling from LA to Dulles.  He said everyone was a nervous wreck, the plane was silent the whole trip.  The plane was mostly filled with the families who were on #Flight77 and lives tragically lost.  We were one of the lucky ones.  Joe always said, God isn't finished with him yet ♥ Hug your loved ones!

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